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On this episode, host Chuck Taylor sits down with Timogi Jackson, Empowerment Specialist at Sage Garden Care Center.

Timogi Jackson helps people live their life on purpose. With over two decades of corporate leadership and higher education experience combined, she is able to strategically help individuals and organizations reconnect to their purpose and implement an action plan to materialize their personal and professional goals and dreams.

Timogi is a mother. An educator. An author. A servant leader. She is living her God-ordained purpose and wants you to do the same. Growth is possible. Change is possible. If you have the desire, she wants to give you the tools.

What we chat about:

  • What qualifies her to be THE Empowerment Specialist
  • Why Davie County is important to Timogi
  • How Timogi is using the struggles in her life to empower others
  • How Sage Garden Care is helping individuals and businesses find balance
  • Why Davie County is so important to Timogi
  • What you can expect when you visit Sage Garden Care

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