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About Our Guest:

Audrey Walker Blackburn is the owner of Blackburn Consulting, an accounting and business consulting practice. Audrey earned her Bachelor of Science in Business from University of Phoenix and later her Masters in Accounting from Gardner Webb University. She has a passion for seeing nonprofits and small businesses thrive! With over 20+ years experience in nonprofit and small business accounting, Audrey has the expertise to work with any nonprofit to achieve their mission or with small businesses to be more profitable. Her education along with her unique experience gives her a different insight into how to deliver exceptional value to those she serves.

What We Chat About:

  • The difference between accounting and business consulting
  • Why Audrey has chosen Davie County as a home base for a business that can service businesses around the country
  • Audrey’s passion to help small businesses and non-profits succeed
  • The personal investment in each client that makes Blackburn Consulting unique

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