IGNITE DAVIE Student Highlight: Desiree Johnson

Born and raised in Davie County, Desiree Johnson is taking advantage of the educational opportunities close to home. As a graduate of Davie High’s Class of 2021, she is in her first semester of college at Davidson-Davie Community College as a member of the IGNITE DAVIE College Promise Program. Thanks to the opportunities offered by Davie County High School, IGNITE DAVIE and Davidson-Davie Community College, she hopes to one day have a career in human services.

Last year, as Desiree was beginning to think about college and the next steps in her academic career, she began to consider IGNITE DAVIE and all of the money that she could save by participating in this program.

For instance, the average cost of tuition and fees for two years at schools like Appalachian State University, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill or North Carolina State University range from $15,600 to $18,260. Schools like Wake Forest University, High Point University or Duke University can cost anywhere from $64,770 to $121,188 for two years. All of this is compared to the $0 that it costs to attend Davidson-Davie Community College through the IGNITE DAVIE College Promise Program.

IGNITE DAVIE is providing students an opportunity to gain a higher education without gaining a large sum of debt along with it. Through the program, students also participate in Career Connections which gives them career readiness training and experiences with local business and industries each year.

Outside of IGNITE DAVIE and her studies at DDCC, Desiree shadowed at The Dragonfly House so that she could gain firsthand experience and training within a career that she is passionate about. Through IGNITE DAVIE’s Career Connections program she will be able to further these relationships, network with industry professionals and gain experience that will advance her career after graduation.

Students who never thought they would attend college are now seeing the opportunity to take hold of their future and get the tools they need to succeed in life after graduation — all while saving financially. IGNITE DAVIE puts education at the center of our community by investing in these students and opening their eyes to a world of possibilities that lie in front of them.

IGNITE DAVIE has raised two-thirds of its $3 Million goal and has launched the Inve$t In Our Kids! campaign to secure the last $1 Million. Through this campaign, donors will be able to make a commitment over a two-year period that will help to secure the future of education for students in our community.

It is through contributions of all amounts that IGNITE DAVIE will meet its goal of $3 Million and provide this opportunity to attain higher education and a secure career for students of all ages. “This started as a community wide initiative and that’s how it is going to get finished,” said Carolyn McManamy, Director of Davie CONNECT.

You can learn more about the IGNITE DAVIE College Promise Program and how you can participate in the Inve$t In Our Kids Campaign at https://ignitedavie.com/.

This article was published with the permission of the author and the original publisher, the Davie County Blog.