July Letter from the Chair

We are Davie County. We are winners!

In a national competition with 19 other finalists from across the country, a proud and energized delegation of students, teachers, parents, and community leaders presented four youth-focused programs that are “igniting the future” right here in Davie County.

And they brought back the win!

You likely read the articles in the Davie Enterprise and on the Davie County Blog describing the four programs: the Davie Respect Initiative, S.U.R.F. Board Youth Grantmakers, Career and Technology Education, and IGNITE DAVIE College Promise. These programs are a win for all of us in Davie County.

Business leaders now have the opportunity to ensure this win continues to ignite Davie’s future for generations. Partners of the IGNITE DAVIE College Promise have launched EMPLOYER OF CHOICE.  Local companies can now contribute to this final leg of the capital campaign that will fund IGNITE DAVIE perpetually. These organizations will gain recognition and marketing exposure while helping to create a pipeline of highly skilled future employees for the local workforce. 

It’s a win for our students, our businesses, and our entire Davie County community!

The Davie Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors is committed to empowering our business members to take advantage of this win. We are reaching out to our members to share highlights of IGNITE DAVIE and how being an EMPLOYER OF CHOICE will reduce your company’s workforce shortage, connecting you with your future employees now.

Learn more at www.ignitedavie.com/donate  or reach out to me, a Chamber Board member, or any of our staff.

Melinda Szeliga

Board Chairwoman, Davie Chamber of Commerce