July Letter from the Chairman

Hello, summer’s full swing is here. Warm breezes and sunshine are back! The schedule is full with activities all over the county. Davie County continues to grow and prosper. With a quick drive around the county, you will see new homes and businesses, probably drive on new asphalt somewhere on that trip, you will see build sites, communities and developments being graded for construction and many other moving pieces to our economy. I’m not saying things couldn’t be better, but we are striving to continue forward; and we are winning.

Please note: We are having our chamber golf tournament Sept 12; it is like no other tournament. Get signed up now if you haven’t already. Call today @ 336.751.3304.

I will encourage you to relax with some lake time, a trip to the coast or just enjoy slow time locally for some enjoyment. I hope you will look for the good in every day. It’s there if you’re searching for it- promise.

“Each one of us can make a difference. Together we can make change.” Barbara Mikulski

All the best,