Race Your Way to Health: Sign Up Now for Superhero Sprint & Main Street 5K

Mark your calendars this November for an athletic action-packed weekend in Mocksville. Hosted by Main Street Mocksville, the Superhero Sprint and Main Street 5k return for 2021. On the second weekend of November, kids and adults alike can get up, get out, and get moving together!

The Superhero Sprint

To kick off the weekend, the Superhero Sprint will be held on Friday, November 12th, at 142 N. Main Street. Kids aged 2 to 12 will have the opportunity to don their own Superhero Costume and make their way towards the finish line together! The race runs the length of Main Street and is approximately 0.25 miles long.

Sign-up starts at 4 p.m. and the race begins at 6 p.m . Pricing and registration are also available online here, and those who sign up early receive their own superhero cape! Although volunteers will be present, parents are welcome to run alongside their children and are expected to pick them up from the finish line at the south end of Main. 

After the race, families are welcome to hang out at 4 Oaks for the after-run festivity and social. 

The Main Street 5K

Following the spectacular Superhero Sprint, the Main Street 5K will be held on Saturday, November 13th, starting at 185 N. Main Street. This event serves as a way to recognize our first responders, medical personnel, and other frontline workers who served the public throughout these difficult times. There will be a special award category for the top three finishers dressed in superhero outfits, so come out dressed to impress!

Sign-up starts at 7:30 a.m. and the race begins at 10 a.m. Pricing and registration are also available online here. The race’s route runs from Main Street, down to the Rich Park Trails, and finishes up at the corner of Main and Depot. Participants are welcome to join in on the after-run social at The Station for awards, refreshments, and live entertainment.

Main Street Mocksville’s Origins and Mission

“The beginnings of Main Street Racing Mocksville started when my husband and I happened to end up downtown on the night of the Bed Races (unknowingly!) – and as soon as I saw the scene on Main Street, I felt like Main Street Mocksville was a perfect fit for one of our Main Street Half Marathon events,” said Alison Hartman, founder of Main Street Mocksville. “…this year we have simplified [the race] to a 5k with all the uncertainty of COVID, but we are just as excited to bring an awesome event to the town and the county!”

Hartman had worked in New Jersey organizing Main Street Marathons and wanted to bring the passion for health and human achievement to downtown Mocksville in the form of community racing events.

“The mission behind our Main Street events is to celebrate the amazing ‘Main Street, USA’s’ that make our communities great, the businesses that support them and help them flourish, and the people that inhabit and visit them to give life to the community,” said Hartman. “This year specifically, we are really focusing on celebrating our ‘hometown heroes’ who have helped us make it through the past year and a half. Overall, we are deeply committed to inspiring health and wellbeing in our community by trying to create a positive, inclusive experience celebrating health and physical activity suitable for people across the lifespan.”

For each Main Street event, Main Street Mocksville chooses a charitable benefactor that aligns with their message to donate to. This year, Cognition Davie will receive the net proceeds of these events; Cognition strives to create an interactive space for members of the community to grow in their creativity and development. 

“We are so grateful to have been chosen as the charitable benefactor for these wonderful events. Cognition exists to serve the Davie community and we appreciate Mainstreet Mocksville’s mission of celebrating small towns and encouraging health and wellness,” said Jessica Huyett, site coordinator for Cognition Davie. “With the proceeds from these events, Cognition will be able to continue to support our community through programs that encourage investigative learning and creative growth.” 

“The team behind the Main Street Races has delivered the spirit and energy to educate people about healthy living and healthy lifestyles to Downtown Mocksville,” said Tami Langdon, community development coordinator for the Town of Mocksville. “Whether it be walking, jogging, running a 5K, or a Half Marathon, just move! Move with friends, family, in events, or by yourself; the physical energy also drives our mental well-being.” 

Sign-ups for both events in November are available here. To stay up to date on Main Street Mocksville Events, be sure to check out Main Street Mocksville on Instagram, Facebook, and at https://www.mainstreetmocksville.com

This article was published with the permission of the author and the original publisher, the Davie County Blog.